Subscription or Membership Businesses

This version of our Centric system supports businesses or organizations that have memberships or subscriptions. The subscription version can be used for online services like magazines or content access, in-store services like a  spa membership or for products that are delivered regularly like a wine club. The membership version can be used for businesses like gyms, yoga studios, clubs, or any other businesses that need to charge regular charges for a service.

Both systems allow for a point of sale to deal with in-store transactions, payments and provide a retail module for instore/online sale of one-off items or merchandise. The system provides you a website you can use with your own domain and also a mini-site within the bookngogo app and website where people can sign up, and manage their services with you.

You also have the ability to allow appointment scheduling for services and assign these to individual employees for things like private lessons or things like a spa treatment.

Just offer the minimum reward level required for your industry and the minimum GivenGoGo %. Rewards issued will cost you 1% of the reward value so $10 reward is 10 cents to issue.

Commission from a Bookngogo Member sale is 3%  for the free version, or pay $69 a month for the live version and its 2%. Commission on any current/future sales to any of your existing customers that join BooknGoGo is zero.

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Totally free to join. No need to change anything you currently do to operate your business. Minutes to set up and be in business on BooknGoGo and you're free website. Log in from your phone, tablet or desktop.


Quickly set up your subscriptions/memberships and stores. Easily manage all your subscribers/memberships.


Manage all new signups or memberships that arrive from your free website and via your mini-site in BooknGoGo in the sales queue.


Get instant payments to your linked bank account or  Merchant account.  Get your Members using Instant Pay in BooknGoGo and lower your processing costs to as low as 0.75%. Get your customers using Instant Pay in BooknGoGo and lower your processing costs to as low as 0.75%  or a minimum of 20 cents per transaction.


Invite your current Members to BooknGoGo with your unique referral code and earn 10% of BooknGoGo's net margin on all purchases made in-network by your members.




Use your free shared email mailbox to split the workload, allowing everyone to share the work on the same emails. Manage all your customer communications in one queue.

Our Mobile App

Get instant messages and live chat for all sales and communications so you don't miss any new business or customer requests. Allocate this to your various departments. Let your subscribers know their goods have shipped. Use our shipping module and your customers can get tracking updates.

Rewards and Offers

Set your reward and GivenGoGo levels, Make special offers and deals that show in our app to BooknGoGo Members. Push deals/updates to your customer's phones.


Build your free website and BooknGoGo mini site in minutes with our easy to use drag and drop tools. Use the marketing module to send emails in a fashion similar to mail chimp.