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Bank Your Influence .

Dollars for your social content. 

Ongoing revenue from your followers.

Manage your content in one place.

Monetize your channels.

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Do you have more than 5000 followers ? Become a curator on GoGoster our social platform. Just post your regular content on GoGoster. Earn social $ for your actions  and convert these instantly to cash.

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Setup channels for your blog, podcast and video channel. Cross post from GoGoster to Twitter. Go live with your video channel or podcast using our mobile app.

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Use your unique referral code to invite people to GoGoster and Bookngogo. Earn 10% of BooknGogo's net margin on all of your followers purchases in the entire network for as long as they remain a Member.

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Gain new followers within GoGoster. Create a paywall if you wish for your channels. Manage all your subscribers from your account. Get detailed statistics on your subscribers interacting with your content. 

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And if you qualify get instantly approved as a Curator on GoGoster.

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And set up your channels and link your social accounts.


Add content to your channels, and then start posting new content.


Share your referral link with your followers, and invite those who are not already members of the platform.

Earn Rewards

Earn Social $ for social actions. And 10% of our net margin on any purchase made by your followers.

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Instantly convert social $ to cash, earn from your subscriber's in-network purchases in realtime. Make a real living socially with as little as 5000 followers.